BBQ Oyster Grills,  shellfish cooking racks that are the best solution for making perfect BBQ oysters
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BBQ Oyster Grills
After some experimentation, I think I have designed the best solution for BBQing, grilling, and roasting oysters and other shellfish. My goal is to promote BBQing oysters, eating more oysters, and otherwise supporting oyster and shellfish farms, restaurants, and shops that sell oysters and other shellfish. Shellfish Grilling Grids are final-assembled by hand in the U.S.A.

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Charlie Williams, Owner/Maker
Phone/text: (707) 481-0128
Charlie Williams Oyster and shellfish aficionado, husband, father, grandfather. I hand-craft BBQ Oyster Grills and create unique oyster sauce recipes. Hey, let's all #eatmoreoysters!
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