BBQ Oyster Grills,  shellfish cooking racks that are the best solution for making perfect BBQ oysters
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Note: Buyers in California are subject to California sales tax.

1. Send an email message with:
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Note: The US Postal Service offers the least expensive shipping service. Customers usually choose Standard Post or sometimes Priority Mail.

2. After I get your message, I'll box up your order, weigh it, determine the shipping cost from the USPS. Then I'll send you a message with the total cost (depending on your choice of shipping).

3. If you agree to the total cost, then you use the "Send Money" option pay for the order through Send the money to this email address:

4. As soon as I receive the notice of from Paypal that you have paid, I'll send The order to you with an email receipt.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Charlie: 707-481-0128

Grilling oysters
Shellfish cooking rack
The new handle provides more space for your fingers when lifting the rack from your grill. In addition, the handles are bolted on rather than welded on. The welding process was causing production delays.
Improved handle

bullet Price: $69 + shipping
bullet Length: 15 inches
Width: 11-1/4 inches
bullet Unique design holds oysters and other shellfish upright no matter what the shape or size of their shells.
bullet Holding the shellfish upright helps prevent spilling the oyster liquor and sauce.
bullet Use them on any type of grill, or in an oven.
bullet BBQ Oyster Grills will hold up to two dozen or more medium oysters.
bullet The grills fit 1/2 sheet pans, so you can serve your cooked shellfish right from the BBQ Oyster Grill.
bullet The grills also work well for vegetables and any odd-shaped food that must be held securely.
bullet Dishwasher-safe!
"Each shellfish cooking rack is a unique hand-crafted grilling tool made by me personally. It is not mass produced offshore."
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