BBQ Oyster Grills,  shellfish cooking racks that are the best solution for making perfect BBQ oysters

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I enjoy experimenting with different goldfish slot machine. The best sauces for oysters–BBQed/grilled or raw on the half shell as well as marinades for oyster ceviche. Some of the following sauce recipes are unique. Others are more common sauce recipes provided courtesy of restaurants and oysters farms. If you have one that you would like me to add to the list, please send it to me Thanks, and enjoy.

Sauces for BBQed Oysters on the Half Shell

bullet BBQ Oysters w/ Pork Jowl Bacon and Cheddar Cheese
bullet Chipotle-Lime Butter
bullet Creme Fraiche with Sambal Oelek
bullet Garlic Butter with Romano Cheese (Courtesy of Nick’s Cove Restaurant)
bullet Garlic Butter with Parsley
bullet Ghee with Lemon Zest and Sambal Oelek
bullet Garlic Butter with White Wine Reduction
bullet Nam Prik Pao with Creme Fraiche
bullet Szechuan-Tasmanian Pepper Oil with Lemon
bullet Butter, Bacon Fat with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Black Peppers
bullet BBQ Oyster Sauce (Courtesy of the Station House Cafe)
bullet Marshall Store BBQ Oyster Sauce (Courtesy of the Marshall Store)

Sauces for Raw Oysters on the Half Shell

bullet Champagne Vinegar with Cilantro stems and Tasmanian Pepper
bullet Hogwash (Courtesy of Hog Island Oyster Company)

Sauces for Oyster Ceviche

bullet BBQ Sauce and Lime Juice with Shallot and Vodka
bullet Chile with Lime and Gin

Supporting Sauces

bullet Sauce-Ghee
bullet Sauce-Janis Chipotle Sauce (Courtesy of the Janis and the Marshall Store)
bullet Sauce-Nam Prik Pao (Courtesy of Chez Pim)

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