BBQ Oyster Grills,  shellfish cooking racks that are the best solution for making perfect BBQ oysters
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All Stainless Steel BBQ Oyster Grill
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For the perfect BBQed, grilled, or baked oysters, you can't go wrong with BBQ Oyster Grill v2.0 Shellfish Cooking Racks. They are the best solution for cooking oysters and other shellfish on the half shell.
The new, improved, stainless-steel BBQ Oyster Grill v2.0 holds oysters, clams, mussels, and other shellfish securely upright to prevent spillage. They hold any odd shaped item securely for cooking, grilling, or baking.

Shellfish Grilling Grid

These new BBQ Oyster Grills are made from pre-manufactured, heat-treated stainless steel gas grill grids. Then stainless steel screws are added to provide the means for holding in place shellfish and other items of any shape. The stainless steel handles complete the ultimate shellfish grilling product.

Two dozen oysters

The new BBQ Oyster Grill holds any sized oysters securely. Holds up to three dozen smalls, two dozen mediums, and a dozen and a half large oysters.

Large oysters grilling

For perfect BBQ oysters every time, you can't go wrong with the newly redesigned, all stainless steel BBQ Oyster Grill V2.0. And remember, they are final assembled with hand tools in the U.S.A.

Or, buy direct with discount
bullet Price: $69.99 (eBay)
bullet Unique design holds oysters and other shellfish upright no matter what the shape or size of their shells.
bullet Holding the shellfish upright helps prevent spilling the oyster liquor and sauce.
bullet Use them on any type of grill, or in an oven.
bullet BBQ Oyster Grills will hold two dozen or more medium oysters.
bullet The grills fit 1/2 sheet pans, so you can serve your cooked shellfish right from the BBQ Oyster Grill.
bullet The grills also work well for vegetables and any odd-shaped food that must be held securely.
bullet Dishwasher-safe!
American made
Final-assembly in the U.S.A.
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